Plastic Surgery Recovery Times

botoxIf you are worried about the recovery period after a plastic surgery, then this article will help you in understanding all the things; what can happen and what will happen after surgery. Let’s talk about the fundamentals of recovery from cosmetic as well as the plastic surgery or click here

After surgery, the doctor will put you on antibiotics to protect you against infections. Whether you are going through plastic surgery or any other surgical process, you will be more prone to infections due to many reasons according to And, the infections are the primary cause of prolonged recovery periods. Even after discharging from the hospital, you will have to stick with the prescription.

The part you had enhanced will remain soft and painful for a couple of days. The area of plastic surgery will determine your recovery and your situation. If you had butt augmentation, then you will not be able to go to work for a few weeks, as sitting all day will put pressure. Sun exposure to the skin may also be harmful, which can delay the recovery.

Inflammation may or may not happen, especially after enhancement or implant surgery since there’s something foreign in your body, so it might take time to get familiar, but not that much time. Many times the inflammation as well as the swelling doesn’t occur.

You may experience slight bruising, particularly after fat removal process. However, vitamins as well as the cold compresses will reduce these symptoms.

Some people feel unpleasant while sleeping. If this happens to you, then you should consult a doctor to get sleep aids.

The stitch removal process would be swift and you won’t feel any pain. However, if you had a plastic surgery of your mouth, then you will have soluble stitches, which dissolve gradually.
Heavy exercise will be restricted and a healthy diet may also be recommended by the physician for good recovery.

Finally, after all the recovery stages, you will get the best results you always desired.

Now you know all the major parts of recovery. Obviously, the plastic surgeon will give more detailed report about recovery times, but at least you know the guidelines. Yes, recovering from a plastic surgery is not difficult, so don’t worry about the recovery phase. It is always important to consult your plastic surgeon about the procedure as well as the recovery.


Tooth Whitening

Anyone out there with white teeth, will eventually have discoloration. Since everyone has white teeth, discoloration is a big problem for everyone, especially after eating or drinking. Many will choose not to brush right after consuming food, and this tends to affect your teeth over time. When you let food and drinks, sit on your teeth for hours, it can eventually discolor all your teeth, even after you brush and floss. Even those with the best dental hygiene, will experience some discoloration of their teeth over time. Those who drink colored sodas, wines, fruit drinks and more, will experience even more discoloration.
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Cigarette smoking can also cause extreme discoloration of the teeth, and many discoloration problems are hard to reverse. Since teeth cannot be whitened without whitening agents, brushing may help, but will not solve the overall color issue. There are many different ways that you can choose to whiten your teeth, that are effective. The only drawback from whitening your teeth, is that it may cause sensitivity in the teeth. Although sensitivity is an issue for some, the whiteness of the teeth after using a whitening agent, can be flawless. It’s really up to you if you want to have whiter teeth.

The most popular way that you can get whiter teeth is by going to the local dentist. A dentist can give you whiter teeth within hours, and the resolution is meant to last. Although dentists cost more than doing whitening treatments at home, it’s very evident why their cost is significantly higher. Teeth whitening at a dentist is very dramatic, and it will be clearly visible to others that you had your teeth whitened. The dentist will use a shade chart to show where your tooth color started at and where it ends up at, after you’ve had the whitening process done.

For those who don’t want to spend the costly amount to see a dentist for tooth whitening, you can instead do whitening treatments at home. There are gels, whitening strips, and other whitening kits that can help to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home. Some whitening gels or pastes need to be kept on overnight to be effective. Whitening strips can be worn during certain times of the day, and all are very effective, even though some are more effective than others. When you’re ready to whiten your teeth, the choice is completely up to you, which route you will take to get that pearly white smile.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery – or, blepharoplasty – is a procedure that will correct drooping, aged or otherwise unsightly eyelids. Patients may elect to have their upper or lower eyelids corrected with blepharoplasty. During eyelid surgery, your surgeon will remove excess skin or any sagging. Beyond removing wrinkles in older patients, younger patients who suffer from premature bags under the eyes may benefit from eyelid surgery.

Who is a Candidate?

Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their eyes may be a candidate for eyelid surgery. Many patients become unhappy with the appearance of their eyes over time. As we age, we develop wrinkles and sagging around our eye area and eyelids, which can give us an aged and sometimes haggard appearance. Those who undergo eyelid surgery enjoy a much younger appearance.

In addition to older patients, some younger patients opt for eyelid surgery. There are many reasons why a younger person would choose to undergo an eyelid correcting procedure. Sometimes people suffer from droopy eyelids that are not a result of aging, but rather the result of unlucky genetics.

Eyelid surgery is not a mere cosmetic procedure. Oftentimes, drooping eyelids can impair one’s vision. Even if aesthetics are not a primary concern, a patient may opt to undergo eyelid surgery to improve their eyesight and overall quality of life.

Possible Risks and Complications

All elective surgeries come with possible risks and complications. Those who suffer from glaucoma, detached retinas or other serious eye conditions may not be good candidates for blepharoplasty. As with any surgery, those who smoke, are obese or suffer from serious heart conditions may not be healthy enough to undergo elective cosmetic surgery. It is important that you inform your doctor of any conditions that may render eyelid surgery dangerous.

Even in healthy patients, certain potential complications exist. Some patients may experience blurred or impaired vision after surgery. Difficulty closing eyelids or infection are also a possible risk. However, with a trustworthy and experienced surgeon, these complications are far and few between.


All cosmetic surgery patients require a period of recovery, but no two patients are the same. The average recovery time after eyelid surgery is two weeks; however, some patients may feel great after one week and others may require longer than the standard two week period to feel like they are at optimal health.

Generally, there is little pain involved in most eyelid procedures. Stitches can typically be removed after a week. Bruising and puffiness are normal and can be expected with any cosmetic procedure. After a month, most signs of swelling or bruises will have completely healed. It is imperative that all cosmetic surgery patients plan for a period of rest after their procedures. For most patients, this will involve not returning to work or normal activities for a minimum of two weeks after the surgery.

Anyone who is considering eyelid surgery is encouraged to book a consultation with a surgeon today. This procedure can not only take years off of your face, but can also correct eyelid conditions that may be hindering your vision or overall quality of life.

Teeth Whitening

A person’s smile can say a lot about them. A smile is the first thing that anybody else will notice about a person and will be a great determiner of a first impression. A healthy, bright and white smile leaves a good impression and says that a person is happy, healthy, and fit. A yellowed and stained smile can make people look away and determine that a person is unhealthy and does not take care of themselves. A stained and yellowed set of teeth can also cause a person to be cautious in conveying their feelings. Even when that person feels happy they may hide away their true emotions and their smile. Because a stained smile can lead someone to feel self conscious this can make others feel that they are unfriendly or grumpy. More details on

Fortunately a stained and yellowed smile can be easily remedied with the great amount of tooth whitening options that are available today. There are do it yourself at home kits that can gradually whiten the smile over the course of a few months and there are also immediate teeth whitening solutions that can be done in one session at the dental office.

The do it yourself at home kits are generally less expensive than an in office whitening session at the dentist. Anyone with an hour to spare every day can use an at home whitening kit to whiten their teeth. Some kits use trays that are filled with a whitening solution. These trays can be fitted at a dentists office so they form to the shape of the smile. Drug store whitening kits usually consist of whitening strips that are sticky and attach directly to the teeth. Usually the trays and strips are concealable but may cause some discomfort when speaking so it is advised to do this one hour before bed or during a free hour in the comfort of one’s home.

A teeth whitening session like the ones here can be more expensive than at home kits but it is very effective in a short period of time. A whitening session at the dentist can last just under one hour and the teeth can be brought several shades lighter in just that one session. Going for a whitening session at the dentist is a great idea if one has just a short time to do it in like prior to wedding or special event.

Mercury fillings

Did you know that some dentists today are still using Mercury filling material? Mercury fillings and the toxins that are released can promote some diseases and conditions that can be very debilitating.

At Blue Stone Dental we would never consider using mercury fillings or any other inferior metals in your mouth. Dr. Rebecca and Dr. Jay Corley also perform a very specific protocol for removing your existing silver or mercury fillings to keep you and the team from being affected by the released vapors. Some of these are:

Rubber Dam to isolate the fumes and material from the rest
of your mouth

Oxygen on your nose

Glasses to protect the eyes,

Breaking the mercury filling into larger pieces for removal with less exposure

High evacuation suction to remove fumes

If you are interested in pursuing mercury removal make sure you get it done right so you don’t expose yourself to mercury vapor or particles during the removal process, or else the removal can be far more toxic than just leaving it in place. However, a good removal will, of course, get this heavy metal out of your body in the safest way possible, without
exposing you to dangerous vapor.

Porcelain Veneers

For those who have issues with this shape of their teeth, the color of their teeth, or the size of their teeth, maybe you have considered anything from braces, bridges, to dental implants, and more. What if you could get an all white smile, and still keep your original teeth, would you try that? If you have not heard of them, there’s a procedure that can give you all white teeth, without the bleaching, called Porcelain Veneers. Porcelain Veneers are wafer thin pieces of porcelain that are implanted around your tooth in order to give it an appearance of a perfectly white and beautiful smile. You can have these done on as many teeth as you would like, but they are expensive.

At last check, cost per tooth ranged anywhere from $900-$2500; so unless you can really afford it, Kim_Afterbecause this is generally an out-of-pocket cost, you have to really consider if it’s something you want and can afford. Your teeth have to be filed down, sometimes significantly, sometimes even to the root, in order for the veneers to be placed on them. You have to do several visits, and come back several times over a 6 to 10 week period, in order to get your teeth fitted for Veneers, especially if you want several teeth done, or your entire mouth. Veneers are stated to last for a lifetime, but in reality, you must replace them every 10 years. You have to also get deep teeth cleaning once they are put on, and the cost to replace them 10 years from now, is relatively the same as the initial cost to implant them.

Implantation can be a painful process, so anesthesia is required. You may have to do x-rays as well as a root canal on some teeth, and if certain teeth require to be filed down close to the root. If you know this is something you want to do, you have to make sure you can afford it, because virtually no insurance company will cover this type of surgery. If you have chips, cracks, or other tooth issues caused by an accident, insurance companies may cover it, but Porcelain Veneers are considered purely cosmetic, so this will result in out-of-pocket costs. Even with all the cost associated with Porcelain Veneers, they last so long, and are so beneficial, and absolutely beautiful for your smile, that they are worth the costs, especially if it gives you that self-esteem boost that you need.

Selecting the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Picking a plastic surgeon los angeles is not the simplest job, but there are ways to ensure that you have actually made the easiest choice. This individual ought to be caring and eager to describe the treatments to you in a reasonable method. Let’s go through the steps to choosing the ideal one for you. The most essential facets to consider would be experience, reliability, convenience, bond, and honesty.

Experience and Reliability
Discovering a knowledgeable and reputable plastic surgeon is the most vital aspect of the option procedure. Going with a rigorous process will certainly ensure that you have actually discovered the one you can best trust your concerns in concerns to these procedures. They will certainly have the ability to provide the answers that you need. In reality, as a professional tip, it is best to sit down and compose the concerns that you have on a notepad. This is so that you do not have concerns that you have forgotten. Many individuals bow out an appointment and think about questions later.

Experience sticks out as one of the most crucial qualities. Ask individuals that have used this certain cosmetic surgeon before. Were their results as preferable as they had hoped? Was the designated doctor compassionate and able to assist alleviate their fears with perfectly discussed information? How long have they been in practice? These are questions that you can ask both previous patients and your physician. It can be rather the relief when your concerns are responded to with ease.

Convenience and Bonding
Convenience can come from experience and dependability, but it likewise originates from bonding with the plastic surgeon. If they are simple to talk with and prepared to adjust their strategy based on your particular requirements, that reveals an evident bonding in between you and the doctor. Some people could have concerns with stress and anxiety or wellness problems. If these experts comprehend what could cause the stress and anxieties, they could provide you medication that might assist calm you down. That is just one example of how they can make the procedure less of a demanding experience. If you feel more comfy with your physician, you will likely have a much easier procedure that you have self-confidence will certainly be totally useful. It is a simple means of making sure that you made the ideal choice.

Now that you have all the devices to start the look for a plastic surgeon, you can examine possible physicians with a clear mind. Price is very important, however do not sacrifice quality of take care of it. See to it that your security and your objectives are both satisfied by trusting the individual that you have chosen to do your treatments. A happy outcome is always the very best method to go for everybody included.

Saline Breast Implants

There are two different types of breast implants that can be purchased. Those types are saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. Saline breast implants are a silicone shell that is filled with salt water (saline.) Silicone-filled breast implants are filled with a gel-like substance. Most women believe that the silicone-filled breast implants feel more like real breasts, however, they are more prone to serious risks if they happen to leak. For a long time, silicone-filled breast implants were off the market and no longer allowed. Now, FDA has approved some silicone-filled breast implants and put them back on the market since they have less risks.

The costs of breast implants can range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. Insurance companies do not generally cover the costs of breast implants since it is a personal preference, or cosmetic, to get them. Women generally get them after they lost their breasts from breast cancer or to get bigger, fuller breasts than what they currently have. Women that get breast implants and later on become pregnant are still able to breastfeed their baby if they choose to do so. The breast implants do not have any affect towards breastfeeding.


In order to get breast implants, a woman must wait until they have went through their full development process. Generally, a woman must be 18 years of age before getting saline breast implants and at least 22 years of age before getting silicone breast implants.

Do not pick a surgeon based upon price. You will want to look for a surgeon that has a lot of experience with handling breast implants and that has great reviews from other individuals that received breast implants through them. Your surgeon will need to meet with you for a medical evaluation. If you are currently taken any medications, it is essential to advise the surgeon of those medications in case you need to stop taking them a few days before the surgery is preformed.

Breast augmentation procedure only takes about one to two hours to preform. This is going to depend on how much larger you are making your breasts, the types of implants that you purchased, and the speed of the surgeon you are using. Most breast augmentation patients do not have to stay overnight in the hospital and can go home the same day as an outpatient patient. Some may have individuals stay overnight if they want to watch for infection and ensure infections will not take place.

Find A Dental Website Design That Serves Your Needs

dentist 2It is important for even dentists to have website for several reasons. It is an easy way to keep in contact with patients. In addition to being a marketing tool, a website can be a much valued asset to your dental practice. In order to be an effective tool, you must have an attractive dental website design.

Not only should the dentist website design be attractive, but a great deal of attention must be paid to the quality of the content that the dental website design offers. Most consumers and patients may not be aware of trends that occur in the field of dentistry, but if they become aware of new procedures or materials from other dental firms in your region, they may believe that your competitors are more progressive.

When you choose a dentist website design firm, you must choose an entity that has the resources and time to work with throughout all phases of development from concept to design and completion. It may be to your advantage to find a dentist web design firm that is familiar with the dental services industry. You may also have a detailed knowledge of what the clients need by visiting

A Few Simple Pointers About Dental Website Design

Dental website design is harder than the website designs for most professionals. Dental website design must have a few simple things in order to be attractive to the people that visit it. The following pointers may help you create the best dental website design for your clinic.

Positive things to Include in your Dental Website Design

When people visit the web pages of a dentist they generally do so because they have a problem with their teeth, or because they are looking for a new dentist. You want your pages to be friendly, and welcoming so that the visitor stays on the site long enough to make the decision they need to make.

• Keep the features on the site easy to use

• Provide a site map so people can quickly find the topic they came to read about. People will be more likely to look at the rest of the pages on the site if they were able to find the thing they came to see with ease.

• Have informational articles on different things related to oral care. Give your professional advice on how to care for problems in the mouth, and how to identify conditions that might turn into potential problems

• Explain what types of pain relievers, and anesthetics, the clinic uses

• Provide a place for patients to leave comments about the dentist, the staff at the clinic, and their experiences there. Be sure that you quickly respond to any negative comments to try and address what caused the person to be unhappy with the clinic

• Pictures of all of the staff with a little information about each staff member. Keep the information on a business level and do not put private information about the staff on the website. Do include degrees the different staff members hold

Negative things to avoid when designing a website for a dentist

• Do not elaborate on the amount of pain that any procedure may cause. Remember that people fear the pain of coming to get dental work done, so try to keep from writing articles that use the words pain or painful in them

• Do not put a lot of videos and games on the site that will require the visitor to have a Flash player, or high speed internet in order to be able to view them material. People are not going to wait around for a video to load

• A price list. It would be nice if you could advertise the prices you charge, but you need to remember that a lot of things affect the price of a procedure. One extraction may be very simple to do and you might only charge 40 to perform it, but the next person may have a more difficult extraction that takes more anesthetics, more time, and more skill to complete. You can list base prices if you want to, but when you make a base price list people often think they should pay no more than that price. It is best to discuss the costs of procedures when the patient is in the office.